Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/ AED

This is an online & skills class. First complete the online portion on your computer. Next, come into the classroom to do the CPR skills on the Mannequin.

How to gain confidence in how to respond to a life threatening emergency. Check-call- care are the emergency steps to care. Identify when to call 911. How to check a person who appears to be unresponsive. How to check a responsive person. Demonstrate high quality CPR. Learn how to use an AED. Demonstrate first aid care for choking. Recognize first aid care for the sudden illness; shock, asthma, heart attack, opioid overdose, diabetic emergency, dehydration are some of the topics covered in this course. Describe how to control life threatening bleeding including direct pressure and application of a tourniquet. Injury: medical and environmental are taught.