Questions & Answers

Here you will find, some helpful questions and answers, to some of the most typically asked questions, as well as other more obscure one’s, which you may have not thought of.

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Q: Why don't we do a pulse check when giving CPR?

Q: Does the AHA endorse "cough CPR"?

Q: How might a person trained in CPR help at the scene of a cardiac arrest?

Q: How long can I stop CPR to move the victim?

Q: What should I do if the victim is wearing dentures?

Q: If I find a victim on a bed, should I move them to the floor so that I have a hard surface under her back?

Q: How do I give CPR to someone who has an opening in their neck?

Q: Can I get into legal trouble if I don't do CPR perfectly?

Q: I am afraid to give breaths without a mask. Should I just do nothing if I don't have a mask?

Q: When do I stop CPR?

Q: What is the AHA chain of survival for Infants and Children?

Q: What is the AHA chain of survival for Adults?